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Third Floor

Third Floor

The reading room located on the 3rd floor, with 152 places of study and 7 cabins for individual study, is dedicated to the following subject areas: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Theology, Social Sciences, Arts, Recreation and Sports, Linguistics, Languages, Literature, Geography, Biography and History.

On this floor there are 5 study rooms with 86 seats, 7 group study rooms (5 for groups of 8 people and 2 for groups of 6 people) and 18 individual reading carrels. Two computer terminals are available (for searching the bibliographic catalog, online databases and other information resources), 2 photocopiers and 1 scanner.

The Library Fernão Mendes Pinto, also located on this floor, offers 24 places of study.


Further information with regard to the functioning of the services located on this floor, please approach the attendance desk.

Telephone: 253 604 158
E-mail: bgum4@usdb.uminho.pt

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