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First Floor - Reference Service

First Floor - Reference Service

To have access to documents that are non-existent in the libraries of the University of Minho, users may contact the Reference Service of the General Library. In doing so, the users have the possibility to obtain documents by means of interlibrary loan (in the case of books, reports etc.) or photocopies (in the case of magazine articles etc.). These services may be requested, by contacting the Reference Services: dif@sdum.uminho.pt.

First Floor - Drawing

Any costs associated with requests made to the Reference Service are supported by the users or by the faculty departments. In the case of the faculty departments, costs are directly debited from their current accounts. The cost associated with each request is calculated according to the price list, currently in use. Requests may be made to the Reference Services by using the online request form. For further information please feel free to contact the Reference Services:

Telphone: 253 604 153
Fax: 253 604 159
E-mail: dif@usdb.uminho.pt

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