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Persistent digital identifier assignment service - DOI

The SDUM provides the service of attribution of persistent digital identifiers (DOI) to academic and scientific journals associated with the University of Minho and its organic units (UOEI, Cultural Units and Services).

A DOI identifier is permanently assigned to an object in order to provide a persistent and resolvable link to an object in digital networks. Persistent identifiers allow the unambiguous identification of a publication and its correct and clear reference for dissemination purposes (bibliographic references, personal pages, curricula, research portals, etc ...). This way, even if the web address of the journal or the publication place  has changed, you can keep the identifier updated to ensure the connection to the publication. In addition to the advantage of persistence and unequivocal association with publications, the descriptors, such as title, authors and abstracts are shared and made available for the development of research services, indicators and metrics.

The entities and persons responsible for journal publishing at the University of Minho can join the service by completing the membership form or contact us for any additional information (email: editorial@sdum.uminho.pt, Tel .: 253 604 155) .

During the year 2017, on a trial basis, the service will be free for all users.


The registration of a new journal requires the completion of an online form with the publication information and contacts, so that the prefix is defined, the technical conditions for the assignment of the identifiers are evaluated and finally a methodology of registration of DOIs is defined.

> New jornal registration form

The structure of the DOI is defined based on three main aspects: base URL, UMinho prefix, context of the journal. This way, the construction of the DOI, associated to the journal, should be defined based on:
Fixed values (base URL and UMinho prefix): https://dx.doi.org/10.21814/
Journal Variable: Prefix -> uj (as a prefix to the University Journal).
Registration variable: number -> 23.
Exemplifying, the DOI assigned to item 23 will be:

The registration of DOIs is centralized in the SDUM, so journals should send the XML file with the data to be registered and validated with the Documentation Services.

For journals that already have a DOI, it is possible to transfer to the UMinho service.

Retrospective attribution of DOIs requires a prior analysis.

For more information:
Email: editorial@sdum.uminho.pt
Tel.: 253 604 155

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