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Últimas entradas bibliográficas na BCEH (Últimos 30 dias) 

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20181019 <>world of heroes : selections from Homer, Herodotus and Sophocles The Joint Association of Classical Teachers' Greek Course
20181019 <>adoring audience : fan culture and popular media edited by Lisa A. Lewis
20181019 <>posthuman Rosi Braidotti
20181019 <>Routledge handbook of interpreting edited by Holly Mikkelson and Renée Jourdenais
20181019 <>trouble with men : masculinities in European and Hollywood cinema edited by Phil Powrie, Ann Davies and Bruce Babington
20181019 Ancient Greek myth in world fiction since <<1989=1989>> ed. Justine McConnell, Edith Hall
20181019 Ancient greek women in film edited by Konstantinos P. Nikoloutsos
20181019 Cities of the Lusophone world : literature, culture and urban transformations ed. Doris Wieser, Ana Filipa Prata
20181019 Deconstructing men & masculinities Michael Atkinson
20181019 Deep classics : rethinking classical reception edited by Shane Butler
20181019 Individual differences in speech production and perception ed. Susanne Fuchs... [et al.]
20181019 Routledge encyclopedia of interpreting studies ed. Franz Pöchhacker... [et al.]
20181015 <>Norton anthology of theory and criticism Vincent B. Leitch... [et al.]
20181015 Collected poems in English Joseph Brodsky
20181015 Electronic textual editing ed. Lou Burnard, Katherine O'Brien O'Keeffe, John Unsworth
20181015 Grundzüge der Morphologie des Deutschen Hilke Elsen
20181015 Laughter in the dark Vladimir Nabokov
20181015 Saramago?s philosophical heritage edited by Carlo Salzani, Kristof K. P. Vanhoutte
20181015 Second language pronunciation assessment : interdisciplinary perspectives edited by Talia Isaacs and Pavel Trofimovich
20181015 Understanding fandom : <>introduction to the study of media fan culture by Mark Duffett
20181012 Handbook of human factors in web design edited by Kim-Phuong L. Vu, Robert W. Proctor
20181012 Handbook of natural language processing ed. Nitin Indurkhya, Fred J. Damerau
20181012 Handbook of virtual environments : design, implementation, and applications edited by Kelly S. Hale, Kay M. Stanney
20181012 Understanding your users : <>practical guide to user research methods Kathy Baxter, Catherine Courage, Kelly Caine
20181011 <>adaptation industry : <>cultural economy of contemporary literary adaptation Simone Murray
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