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Biblioteca da UMinho em Guimarães: indisponibilidade de fundo documental
No âmbito da transferência da Biblioteca da UMinho em Guimarães (BPG) para o novo edifício construído no Campus de Azurém, informamos que o acesso às revistas e publicações periódicas localizadas em depósito, aos livros e outras publicações de acesso reservado e com menor taxa de utilização (identificadas no catálogo bibliográfico com as siglas BREG e BPG3), estará progressivamente indisponível, a partir do dia 6 de junho e até à abertura da biblioteca no novo edifício, previsivelmente em setembro de 2016. Agradecemos a compreensão de todos e apresentamos as nossas desculpas pelas restrições e incómodos temporários que a transferência da BPG para o novo edifício possa causar.



Guias (in)formativos temáticos
A área web Guias (in)formativos agrega um conjunto de guias e tutoriais temáticos relacionados com diversas tipologias de recursos bibliográficos e informativos.
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Ponto de informação do INE na U.M.
O ponto de acesso à informação do INE localizado na Universidade do Minho visa servir todo o Distrito de Braga, permitindo a toda a comunidade regional (investigadores, empresas, professores, estudantes, autarquias, etc.) o acesso facilitado ao conjunto da informação produzida pelo Instituto.
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RepositóriUM | últimas entradas 
A educação para os media: uma abordagem teórica acerca do conceito e da sua aplicação no contexto educativo
As crianças, as notícias e o conhecimento do mundo
Desafios metodológicos no estudo da relação das crianças com as notícias: o recurso a metodo logias participativas na dinamização de grupos de foco
Educação ambiental e para o desenvolvimento sustentável na formação de graduados em educação
Formação de inicial de professores de ciências: opiniões de formadores sobre o estágio, antes e após o processo de Bolonha

UMinho | artigos recentes na ISI Web of Science 
New integrative computational approaches unveil the Saccharomyces cerevisiae pheno-metabolomic fermentative profile and allow strain selection for winemaking
RAPD and SCAR markers as potential tools for detection of milk origin in dairy products: Adulterant sheep breeds in Serra da Estrela cheese production
Landau model for the multiferroic delafossite antiferromagnets
Influence of chitosan coating on protein-based nanohydrogels properties and in vitro gastric digestibility
Valorization of Eucalyptus wood by glycerol-organosolv pretreatment within the biorefinery concept: An integrated and intensified approach
Modeling business risk: The effect of regulatory revision on renewable energy investment - The Iberian case
A design of experiments to assess phosphorous removal and crystal properties in struvite precipitation of source separated urine using different Mg sources
A green solvent strategy for the development of piezoelectric poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) films for sensors and actuators applications
Ultrasounds pretreatment of olive pomace to improve xylanase and cellulase production by solid-state fermentation
A multidisciplinary approach to assess the health state of heritage structures: The case study of the Church of Monastery of Jeronimos in Lisbon
Relative information entropy in cosmology: The problem of information entanglement
Charged-particle distributions in root s=13 TeV pp interactions measured with the ATLAS detector at the LHC
Search for single production of a vector-like quark via a heavy gluon in the 4b final state with the ATLAS detector in pp collisions at root s=8 TeV
Animal timing: a synthetic approach
Cost-benefit analysis method for building solutions
BIOMedical Search Engine Framework: Lightweight and customized implementation of domain-specific biomedical search engines
Contribution to the determination of the place of death by drowning - A study of diatoms' biodiversity in Douro river estuary
Full-gap tracking system for parallel plate electrostatic actuators using closed-loop control
Diabetic cornea wounds produce significantly weaker electric signals that may contribute to impaired healing
Cytotoxicity of allitinib, an irreversible anti-EGFR agent, in a large panel of human cancer-derived cell lines: KRAS mutation status as a predictive biomarker
Non-competition covenants in acquisition deals
A Patient-Inspired Ex Vivo Liver Tissue Engineering Approach with Autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Hepatogenic Serum
Development and validation of a model for the temperature distribution in the extrusion calibration stage
What is the role of strain analysis by speckle tracking on the evaluation of left ventricular systolic and diastolic function in patients with type 2 diabetes?
Prediction and control of pillow defect in single point incremental forming using numerical simulations
Assessment of asthma control using CARAT in patients with and without Allergic Rhinitis: A pilot study in primary care
Search for new phenomena in events with at least three photons collected in pp collisions at root s=8 TeV with the ATLAS detector
3D Modeling of Electrostatic Interaction between Atomic Force Microscopy Probe and Dielectric Surface: Impact of Tip Shape and Cantilever Contribution
Sudden onset of Cotard's syndrome as a clinical sign of brain tumor
Introduction: The European Union's Strategic Partnerships: conceptual approaches, debates and experiences
The European Union's partnership policy towards Brazil: more than meets the eye
Ukraine, Russia and the strategic partnership dynamics in the EU's eastern neighbourhood: recalibrating the EU's 'self', 'we' and 'other'
Hybrid Sol-Gel Coatings: Smart and Green Materials for Corrosion Mitigation
Evaluation of antimicrobial properties of cork
Generation of micro-sized PDMS particles by a flow focusing technique for biomicrofluidics applications
Tunnel engineering - influence of the type and the quantity of measurements in the back analysis of geomechanical parameters
Role of counter-ion and helper lipid content in the design and properties of nanocarrier systems: a biophysical study in 2D and 3D lipid assemblies
Preparation of functionalized cotton based on laccase-catalyzed synthesis of polyaniline in perfluorooctanesulfonate acid potassium salt (PFOS) template

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