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LexisNexis Academic
Rede UMinho, sexta-feira, 22-01-2016
Encontra-se disponível na rede UMinho a base de dados LexisNexis Academic, recurso especializado na área do direito.
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LexisNexis Academic

Guias (in)formativos temáticos
A área web Guias (in)formativos agrega um conjunto de guias e tutoriais temáticos relacionados com diversas tipologias de recursos bibliográficos e informativos.
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Ponto de informação do INE na U.M.
O ponto de acesso à informação do INE localizado na Universidade do Minho visa servir todo o Distrito de Braga, permitindo a toda a comunidade regional (investigadores, empresas, professores, estudantes, autarquias, etc.) o acesso facilitado ao conjunto da informação produzida pelo Instituto.
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RepositóriUM | últimas entradas 
The role of liquid-based cytology and ancillary techniques in pleural and pericardic effusions: An institutional experience
Accuracy comparison of implant impression techniques: A systematic review
Efeito da dissipação térmica nas juntas de soldagem de componentes through hole
Efeito da adição de Zr no endurecimento de ligas Al-Sc
Comportamento tribológico de biocompósitos de matriz de titânio

UMinho | artigos recentes na ISI Web of Science 
Knowledge Transmission in Industrial Clusters: Evidence from EuroClusTex
Comparing cost-optimal and net-zero energy targets in building retrofit
Contexts of teaching and professional learning
Monovarietal extra-virgin olive oil classification: a fusion of human sensory attributes and an electronic tongue
Validation of the Inventory of Callous-Unemotional Traits Among a Portuguese Sample of Detained Juvenile Offenders
Recurrent copy number variations as risk factors for neurodevelopmental disorders: critical overview and analysis of clinical implications
Socio-economic Determinants for the Portuguese Immigration: An Empirical Discussion
Lay Definitions of Happiness across Nations: The Primacy of Inner Harmony and Relational Connectedness
Bacterial Vaginosis Biofilms: Challenges to Current Therapies and Emerging Solutions
Measurement of the correlation between the polar angles of leptons from top quark decays in the helicity basis at root s=7 TeV using the ATLAS detector
Absence of IFN gamma promotes hippocampal plasticity and enhances cognitive performance
Predictors of consistent condom use among Portuguese women attending family planning clinics
The impact of PBL on transferable skills development in management education
Inorganic mercury accumulation in brain following waterborne exposure elicits a deficit on the number of brain cells and impairs swimming behavior in fish (white seabream-Diplodus sargus)
Learning in the Temporal Bisection Task: Relative or Absolute?
The strange case of the tetragenous Anodonta anatina
Efficacy of cognitive intervention in stroke: A long road ahead
Salience in a social landscape: electrophysiological effects of task-irrelevant and infrequent vocal change
Fabrication of GeSn-multiple quantum wells by overgrowth of Sn on Ge by using molecular beam epitaxy
Magnetic susceptibility and isothermal remanent magnetization in human tissues: a study case
Mapping and Analysis of Geodiversity Indices in the Xingu River Basin, Amazonia, Brazil
Firm Innovation and Co-Location in Portugal
Exploring the Properties of Genetically Engineered Silk-Elastin-Like Protein Films
Effects of substituting ytterbium for scandium on corrosion behaviour of Al-Sc alloy
Spontaneous Healing of Mycobacterium ulcerans Lesions in the Guinea Pig Model
Current Clinical Indications for Small Bowel Capsule Endoscopy
Pulse wave velocity distribution in a cohort study: from arterial stiffness to early vascular aging
Multiphasic, Multistructured and Hierarchical Strategies for Cartilage Regeneration

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