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Consulte as alterações de horário e dias de encerramento durante o período de férias escolares.
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Guias (in)formativos temáticos
Bibliotecas UM, quarta-feira, 26-02-2014
Informamos que se encontra disponível uma área web, que pretende agregar um conjunto de guias e tutoriais relacionados com recursos bibliográficos e informativos.
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Guias (in)formativos temáticos

Ponto de informação do INE na U.M.
O ponto de acesso à informação do INE localizado na Universidade do Minho visa servir todo o Distrito de Braga, permitindo a toda a comunidade regional (investigadores, empresas, professores, estudantes, autarquias, etc.) o acesso facilitado ao conjunto da informação produzida pelo Instituto.
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RepositóriUM | últimas entradas 
The long-term performance of private equity-backed IPOs : evidence from the United States
Análise dos resultados do inquérito sobre dados científicos produzidos na Universidade do Minho [Dados]
Análise dos resultados do inquérito sobre dados científicos produzidos na Universidade do Minho
Os recolhimentos como formas de solidariedade : o recolhimento de Mófreita (Vinhais) através da visão sócio-educativa de M. A. Ferreira-Deusdado
Filosofia e ensino da Filosofia em Portugal : da tradição centenária à atualidade da formação : o caso da Universidade do Minho

UMinho | artigos recentes na ISI Web of Science 
Activated carbons prepared from industrial pre-treated cork: Sustainable adsorbents for pharmaceutical compounds removal
The development of the therapeutic alliance and the emergence of alliance ruptures
Calibration of a reading comprehension test for Portuguese students
Mucositis care in acute leukemia and non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients undergoing high-dose chemotherapy
Estragole quantity optimization from fennel seeds by supercritical fluid extraction (carbon dioxide-methanol) using a Box-Behnken design. Characterization of fennel extracts
Predicting ionic liquid based aqueous biphasic systems with artificial neural networks
The influence of pellet-barrel friction on the granular transport in a single screw extruder
Phosphorus-iron interaction in sediments: can an electrode minimize phosphorus release from sediments?
Job Satisfaction of Academics: Does Gender Matter?
Undifferentiated human adipose-derived stromal/stem cells loaded onto wet-spun starch-polycaprolactone scaffolds enhance bone regeneration: Nude mice calvarial defect in vivo study
Patient mobility, health care quality and welfare
Influence of culture media on the physical and chemical properties of Ag-TiCN coatings
Gardnerella vaginalis Outcompetes 29 Other Bacterial Species Isolated From Patients With Bacterial Vaginosis, Using in an In Vitro Biofilm Formation Model
Government size, composition of public expenditure, and economic development
Aortic root to left atrium fistula: a rare complication of infective endocarditis in a native aortic valve
Human adipose-derived cells can serve as a single-cell source for the in vitro cultivation of vascularized bone grafts
Genetic diversity of the pan-European freshwater mussel Anodonta anatina (Bivalvia: Unionoida) based on CO1: new phylogenetic insights and implications for conservation
Developing a Framework for Embedding Useful Project Management Improvement Initiatives in Organizations
Trace element compositional changes in human milk during the first four months of lactation
Transglutaminases: recent achievements and new sources
In-line particle size assessment of polymer suspensions during processing
Assessing the repair of critical size bone defects performed in a goat tibia model using tissue-engineered constructs cultured in a bidirectional flow perfusion bioreactor
Microinjection molding of polyamide 6
Covariant and gauge-invariant linear scalar perturbations in multiple scalar field cosmologies
Silver colloidal nanoparticle stability: influence on Candida biofilms formed on denture acrylic
Population Dynamics of a Salmonella Lytic Phage and Its Host: Implications of the Host Bacterial Growth Rate in Modelling
Electrogenerated HO radical reactions: the role of competing reactions on the degradation kinetics of hydroxy-containing aromatic compounds
Patterns of Adherence to and Compliance with the Portuguese Smoke-Free Law in the Leisure-Hospitality Sector
Electron reconstruction and identification efficiency measurements with the ATLAS detector using the 2011 LHC proton-proton collision data
Over-Pressurized Bioreactors: Application to Microbial Cell Cultures
Optimization of an automatic counting system for the quantification of Staphylococcus epidermidis cells in biofilms
Enantioselective Diels-Alder Cycloadditions in the Synthesis of Two Enantiomeric Sets of Chiral Polyhydroxylated Pipecolic Acid Derivatives
Genome-scale bacterial transcriptional regulatory networks: reconstruction and integrated analysis with metabolic models
Model to Simulate the Contribution of Fiber Reinforcement for the Punching Resistance of RC Slabs
Looking through glass walls: Women engineers in Portugal
Free associate norms for 139 European Portuguese words for children from different age groups
Cell genesis and dendritic plasticity: A neuroplastic pas de deux in the onset and remission from depression
The Genome Sequence of the Highly Acetic Acid-Tolerant Zygosaccharomyces bailii-Derived Interspecies Hybrid Strain ISA1307, Isolated From a Sparkling Wine Plant
Free associate norms for 139 European Portuguese words for children from different age groups (vol 46, pg 564, 2014)
Search for Invisible Decays of a Higgs Boson Produced in Association with a Z Boson in ATLAS
Immunoglobulin genes implicated in glioma risk
Environmental and economic analysis of end of life management options for an HDPE product using a life cycle thinking approach
ESCOLEX: A grade-level lexical database from European Portuguese elementary to middle school textbooks
Shaking table testing of an existing masonry building: assessment and improvement of the seismic performance
Comparison Between Different Experimental Techniques for Stiffness Monitoring of Cement Pastes
The skill premium and economic growth with costly investment, complementarities and international technological-knowledge diffusion
Test Anxiety Levels of Board Exam Going Students in Tamil Nadu, India
The subjective experience of retrieval-induced forgetting
Optimal life insurance purchase, consumption and investment on a financial market with multi-dimensional diffusive terms
Modifying Fish Gelatin Electrospun Membranes for Biomedical Applications: Cross-Linking and Swelling Behavior
The influence of thematic congruency, typicality and divided attention on memory for radio advertisements
Detection of Dehalococcoides spp. by Peptide Nucleic Acid Fluorescent in situ Hybridization
Special Issue on Ambient Interaction
Fast Trees for Options with Discrete Dividends

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Ponto de informação do INE na U.M.
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