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Gradual and conditioned reopening of the UMinho Libraries.

May 11-18 | General Library in Gualtar (BGUM) and UMinho Library on the Azurém campus (BPG)

June 1 | Library of Law (BD)

June 8 |
Library Prof.  Joaquim Pinto Machado (BPM)

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Search tool for scientific information, which facilitates simultaneous searching in various information resources subscribed through the National Consortium b-on.


RepositoriUM - Institutional Repository
The Institutional Digital Repository of research materials and scholarly publications of the University of Minho.

Web of Science
Web of Science is a database containing both multidisciplinary and specialized content. It covers journals, proceedings, current contents, journal citations, patents and chemical structures. This platform provides an interesting way of searching and managing information. University of Minho restricted access.


The Library provides access to a comprehensive collection of dictionaries for Portuguese language.


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RepositóriUM | recent items 
Aqueous solutions of deep eutectic systems as reaction media for the saccharification and fermentation of hardwood xylan into xylitol
Deciphering the microbiome and metabolic factors contributing to protection against ulcerative colitis
Underwriters' reputation and stock price informativeness of IPO firms: international evidence
Contextos de uso para o texto literário: subsídios para um mapeamento-literário da cidade de Braga
Otimização da determinação e previsão da extensão das reações de Maillard em suplementos proteicos

UMinho | recent articles in Web of Science  
Hepatoprotective effect of Phellinus linteus mycelia polysaccharide (PL-N1) against acetaminophen-induced liver injury in mouse
Novel amphiphilic chitosan micelles as carriers for hydrophobic anticancer drugs
Load flexibility potential across residential, commercial and industrial sectors in Brazil
FISH and chips: a review of microfluidic platforms for FISH analysis
The effects of amalgamations on voter turnout: Evidence from sub-municipal governments in Portugal
Corrosion and Tribocorrosion Behavior of Ti-40Nb and Ti-25Nb-5Fe Alloys Processed by Powder Metallurgy
Does weight change relate to psychological variables and eating behaviours in combat sports?
Active Whey Protein Edible Films and Coatings Incorporating Lactobacillus buchneri for Penicillium nordicum Control in Cheese
Conformal and continuous deposition of bifunctional cobalt phosphide layers on p-silicon nanowire arrays for improved solar hydrogen evolution (vol 11, pg 4823, 2018)
The use of Artificial Neural Networks to estimate seismic damage and derive vulnerability functions for traditional masonry
Development and Validation of a Descriptive Cognitive Model for Predicting Usability Issues in a Low-Code Development Platform
Arteriovenous access in hemodialysis: A multidisciplinary perspective for future solutions
Optimal Control with Sweeping Processes: Numerical Method
Self-Organizing Structures of Phosphatidylcholine in Nonaqueous Solvents: Tailoring Gel-like Systems
Origin and history of Phoxinus (Cyprinidae) introductions in the Douro Basin (Iberian Peninsula): an update inferred from genetic data
From enthusiasm to disenchantment: an analysis of the termination of Portuguese municipal enterprises
Dry Bacterial Cellulose and Carboxymethyl Cellulose formulations with interfacial-active performance: processing conditions and redispersion
Students' perceptions on distance education: A multinational study
Individual and Family Management in Portuguese Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes: a Path Analysis
Cultural land use and vegetation dynamics in the uplands of northern Portugal from the Middle Ages to the Modern period
Teacher and school determinants of teacher job satisfaction: a multilevel analysis
Influence of the addition of different ingredients on the bioaccessibility of glucose released from rice during dynamic in vitro gastrointestinal digestion
Structural comparison, physicochemical properties, and in vitro release profile of curcumin-loaded lyotropic liquid crystalline nanoparticle: Influence of hydrotrope as interface stabilizers
Employability profiles of higher education graduates: a person-oriented approach
Phagosomal removal of fungal melanin reprograms macrophage metabolism to promote antifungal immunity
Can the internet reduce the loneliness of 50+living alone?
Dyadic Adjustment and Sexual Satisfaction in HPV Diagnosed Portuguese Women: A Longitudinal Study
Solar spectral conversion based on plastic films of lanthanide-doped ionosilicas for photovoltaics: Down-shifting layers and luminescent solar concentrators
Changes in the Effective Connectivity of the Social Brain When Making Inferences About Close Others vs. the Self
Mycotoxins in maize: mitigation actions, with a chain management approach
ATLAS data quality operations and performance for 2015-2018 data-taking
The factors influencing the success of on-going agile software development projects
Wearable Inertial Sensor System towards Daily Human Kinematic Gait Analysis: Benchmarking Analysis to MVN BIOMECH
Candida albicans Adaptation on Simulated Human Body Fluids under Different pH
The Influence of Noise Emitted by Vehicles on Pedestrian Crossing Decision-Making: A Study in a Virtual Environment
Diabetic Retinopathy and Ocular Melanoma: How Far We Are?
To examine lexical processing and extent of applicability of the word association model
The Role of Anxiety in the Relationship between Self-efficacy and Math Achievement
Quality of Life Following a Lower Limb Amputation in Diabetic Patients: A Longitudinal and Multicenter Study
Significant differences in lexical and grammatical collocations used in school textbook
Role of Oral Storytelling and its impact on narrative writing
Developing English speaking skills for the Literacy
A report on women in higher education
Assessment and satisfaction on the subject philosophy of medicine
Information and Communication Technologies for Teaching English

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