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Search tool for scientific information, which facilitates simultaneous searching in various information resources subscribed through the National Consortium b-on.


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The Institutional Digital Repository of research materials and scholarly publications of the University of Minho.

Web of Science
Web of Science is a database containing both multidisciplinary and specialized content. It covers journals, proceedings, current contents, journal citations, patents and chemical structures. This platform provides an interesting way of searching and managing information. University of Minho restricted access.


The Library provides access to a comprehensive collection of dictionaries for Portuguese language.


RepositóriUM | recent items 
A generização da regulação social da procriação medicamente assistida em Portugal
Introdução [a Configurações, nº 5/6 (2009)]
Introdução [a Configurações, n.º 8 (2011)]
Dilemas da super-ciência: representações da genética forense na imprensa em Portugal
Dramatização da justiça e mediatização da criminalidade: Que rumos para o exercício da cidadania?

UMinho | recent articles in Web of Science  
Dynamic argumentation in UbiGDSS
Sex differences in the association between a previous cancer diagnosis and the use of medication
Construction of a Biocompatible and Antioxidant Multilayer Coating by Layer-by-Layer Assembly of kappa-Carrageenan and Quercetin Nanoparticles
The role of syllables in intermediate-depth stress-timed languages: masked priming evidence in European Portuguese
Early Inflammatory Biomarkers as Predictive Factors for Freedom from Infection after Colorectal Cancer Surgery: A Prospective Cohort Study
Rapidly responsive silk fibroin hydrogels as an artificial matrix for the programmed tumor cells death
Determinants of Local Governments' Transparency in Times of Crisis: Evidence From Municipality-Level Panel Data
Nanocellulose reinforced gellan-gum hydrogels as potential biological substitutes for annulus fibrosus tissue regeneration
Systemic and local toxicity of metal debris released from hip prostheses: A review of experimental approaches
Challenge: To Be+. A group intervention program to promote the positive development of adolescents
Development, characterization, antioxidant and hepatoprotective properties of poly(epsilon-caprolactone) nanoparticles loaded with a neuroprotective fraction of Hypericum perforatum
Electroactive poly(vinylidene fluoride)-based structures for advanced applications
Emerging tumor spheroids technologies for 3D in vitro cancer modeling
Color constancy of color reproductions in art paintings
Color Vision 2018: Introduction by the feature editors
Gunter Blobel: Pioneer of molecular cell biology (1936-2018)
Kaolin particle film application stimulates photoassimilate synthesis and modifies the primary metabolome of grape leaves
3D Bioprinting Technology: Scientific Aspects and Ethical Issues
Fabrication of Flexible, Fully Organic, Degradable Energy Storage Devices Using Silk Proteins
Immunomodulation as a neuroprotective strategy after spinal cord injury
Prediction of the remaining service life of existing concrete bridges in infrastructural networks based on carbonation and chloride ingress
Modeling and Optimization of the Injection-Molding Process: A Review
Water resource management for sustainable development
Adjustment of Intrastromal Corneal Ring Segments After Unsuccessful Implantation in Keratoconic Eyes
Crohn's disease: What can we expect from the course of the disease?
Factors associated with disability in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD): A cross-sectional study in outpatients
Are lower levels of faecal calprotectin reassuring in Crohn's Disease patients?
Bladder stone management: an update
Leisure and positive psychology: Contributions to optimal human functioning

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