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Abertura da Biblioteca da Universidade do Minho em Guimarães
Campus de Azurém, BPG, segunda-feira, 19-09-2016
Temos o prazer de anunciar a abertura da Biblioteca da Universidade do Minho em Guimarães (BPG) no novo edifício construído no Campus de Azurém (edifico 13, com entrada pela Escola de Ciências), hoje,  segunda-feira, dia 19 de setembro, funcionando no imediato das 9H00 às 20H00.
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Abertura da Biblioteca da Universidade do Minho em Guimarães

Guias (in)formativos temáticos
A área web Guias (in)formativos agrega um conjunto de guias e tutoriais temáticos relacionados com diversas tipologias de recursos bibliográficos e informativos.
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Ponto de informação do INE na U.M.
O ponto de acesso à informação do INE localizado na Universidade do Minho visa servir todo o Distrito de Braga, permitindo a toda a comunidade regional (investigadores, empresas, professores, estudantes, autarquias, etc.) o acesso facilitado ao conjunto da informação produzida pelo Instituto.
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RepositóriUM | últimas entradas 
Definição dos principais serviços de informação de um e-Marketplace de Propriedade Intelectual
Envelhecimento, capacidade para o trabalho e caraterísticas do trabalho: estudo de caso
Systematic review of school engagement in elementary school: interveners and outcomes
Psicologia da justiça e comunitária: trajetórias, desafios e concretizações
A relação entre maus-tratos e comportamentos antissociais juvenis: uma meta-análise de estudos longitudinais prospetivos

UMinho | artigos recentes na ISI Web of Science 
Medication adherence in Alzheimer's disease: The mediator role of mindfulness
Fiscal and monetary policies in the BRICS: A panel VAR approach
Spawning habitat selection by the common cuttlefish Sepia officinalis in the Cies Islands (Northwest Spain)
Monitoring olive oils quality and oxidative resistance during storage using an electronic tongue
Microfluidic production of hyaluronic acid derivative microfibers to control drug release
Social cognitions about food choice in children aged five to eight years: Feasibility and predictive validity of an age appropriate measurement
Structure and mode of action of cyclic lipopeptide pseudofactin II with divalent metal ions
Semi-implicit finite strain constitutive integration and mixed strain/stress control based on intermediate configurations
Corrosion behaviour of porous Ti intended for biomedical applications
Thermal performance and cost analysis of mortars made with PCM and different binders
Development of novel auxetic textile structures using high performance fibres
Valorization of lubricant-based wastewater for bacterial neutral lipids production: Growth-linked biosynthesis
Perspectives on carbon materials as powerful catalysts in continuous anaerobic bioreactors
Vacuum type D initial data
A Closed Loop Brain-machine Interface for Epilepsy Control Using Dorsal Column Electrical Stimulation
First report of bacteremia caused by Elizabethkingia meningoseptica in a dog
Crossover to the Stochastic Burgers Equation for the WASEP with a Slow Bond
Effect of Environmental Conditions on the Concentration of Tear Inflammatory Mediators During Contact Lens Wear
Portuguese 2015 legislative elections: How economic voting, the median voter and unemployment led to the times they are a'changin'?
Influence of Oxygen content on the electrochemical behavior of Ta1-xOx coatings
Ion conducting and paramagnetic d-PCL(530)/siloxane-based biohybrids doped with Mn2+ ions
Shining examples analysed within the EBC Annex 56 project
The Functional Connectome of Cognitive Reserve
Formal Verification With Frama-C: A Case Study in the Space Software Domain
Fathers' parenting self-efficacy during the transition to parenthood
SUMO proteases ULP1c and ULP1d are required for development and osmotic stress responses in Arabidopsis thaliana
Special Issue: Multibody for Mechanisms
Fungal prosthetic valve endocarditis with mycotic aneurysm: Case report
Isolation, characterization and screening of the in vitro cytotoxic activity of a novel L-amino acid oxidase (LAAOcdt) from Crotalus durissus terrificus venom on human cancer cell lines
Genetic Determinants of Drug Resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Their Diagnostic Value
Automatic brain tissue segmentation in MR images using Random Forests and Conditional Random Fields
Fretting-corrosion behavior in hip implant modular junctions: The influence of friction energy and pH variation
New insight into dolphin morbillivirus phylogeny and epidemiology in the northeast Atlantic: opportunistic study in cetaceans stranded along the Portuguese and Galician coasts
Measurement and modeling of intrinsic transcription terminators (vol 41, pg 5139, 2013)
The Grapevine Uncharacterized Intrinsic Protein 1 (VvXIP1) Is Regulated by Drought Stress and Transports Glycerol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Heavy Metals but Not Water
Efficient Deduplication in a Distributed Primary Storage Infrastructure
Simple Shape-Selective Control of Germanium Pyroxene Crystals
Astigmatic Peripheral Defocus with Different Contact Lenses: Review and Meta-Analysis
Prevalence and correlates of picky eating in preschool-aged children: A population-based study
Propolis: a potential natural product to fight Candida species infections
Infant sleep-wake behaviors at two weeks, three and six months
High Laccase Expression by Trametes versicolor in a Simulated Textile Effluent with Different Carbon Sources and PHs
The subsystem of specialized music education in Portugal since 1983: The process of integration into the general education system
Insight into the molecular basis of Schistosoma haematobium-induced bladder cancer through urine proteomics
Measurement of the inclusive isolated prompt photon cross section in pp collisions at root s=8 TeV with the ATLAS detector
Control algorithms based on the active and non-active currents for a UPQC without series transformers
Biomedical microfluidic devices by using low-cost fabrication techniques: A review
Red blood cells radial dispersion in blood flowing through microchannels: The role of temperature
Design Advances in Particulate Systems for Biomedical Applications
Search for squarks and gluinos in final states with jets and missing transverse momentum at root s=13 TeV with the ATLAS detector
A search for an excited muon decaying to a muon and two jets in pp collisions at root s=8 TeV with the ATLAS detector
Measurement of event-shape observables in Z -> l(+)l(-) events in pp collisions at root s=7 TeV with the ATLAS detector at the LHC
Detention conditions' impact on anxiety and depression levels of prisoners
High performance computing for three-dimensional agent-based molecular models
Localized scleroderma en coup de sabre in the Neurology Clinic
Comparative study of the neurotoxicological effects of tramadol and tapentadol in SH-SY5Y cells
Risk factors for mortality in end-stage kidney disease patients under online-hemodiafiltration: three-year follow-up study
Advanced DNA- and Protein-based Methods for the Detection and Investigation of Food Allergens
Vulvovaginal candidiasis: Epidemiology, microbiology and risk factors
Update on Therapeutic Approaches for Rheumatoid Arthritis
A Study of the Ethical Dilemmas Experienced by School Psychologists in Portugal
Nano- and micro-based systems for immunotolerance induction in multiple sclerosis
Path planning towards non-compulsory multiple targets using TWIN-RRT
Multiply Victimized Women: How Do They Change?
Antibacterial bioadhesive layer-by-layer coatings for orthopedic applications
Marine and continental distribution and dynamic of the early spawning migration of twaite shad (Alosa fallax (Lacepede, 1803)) and allis shad (Alosa alosa (Linnaeus, 1758)) in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula
Alternatives to overcoming bacterial resistances: State-of-the-art
An application of the Rasch model to reading comprehension measurement
Biomimetic polysaccharide/bioactive glass nanoparticles multilayer membranes for guided tissue regeneration
Microbial respiration with chlorine oxyanions: diversity and physiological and biochemical properties of chlorate- and perchlorate-reducing microorganisms

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