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11-18 de maio | Biblioteca Geral em Gualtar (BGUM) e Biblioteca do Campus de Azurém (BPG)

1 de junho |
Biblioteca de Direito (BD)

8 de junho | Biblioteca Prof. Joaquim Pinto Machado (BPM)

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WEBINARS: Estruturação de uma dissertação/tese I e II – 2ªedição

EMBASE: novo recurso na rede UMinho
Rede UMinho, segunda-feira, 22-06-2020
Encontra-se disponível na rede UMinho uma nova base de dados de referência bibliográfica, especializada na área de biomedicina. Recurso subscrito pela Escola de Medicina da UMinho.
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EMBASE: novo recurso na rede UMinho
Portal ASTM Compass [acesso experimental]
Rede UMinho, entre quarta-feira, 08-07-2020 e sexta-feira, 24-07-2020
Informamos que a ASTM Internacional (American Society for Testing and Materials) disponibilizou à Universidade do Minho um período de acesso experimental ao portal ASTM Compass, que estará ativo na rede UMinho até ao dia 24 de julho.
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Portal ASTM Compass [acesso experimental]
RetroNews [acesso experimental]
Rede UMinho, entre quarta-feira, 08-07-2020 e segunda-feira, 03-08-2020
Informamos que a Biblioteca Nacional de França disponibilizou à Universidade do Minho um período de acesso experimental ao seu site de imprensa RetroNews, que estará ativo na rede UMinho até ao dia 03 de agosto.
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RetroNews [acesso experimental]
Apresentação do livro “Alan Turing: cientista universal”
UMinho Editora, terça-feira, 14-07-2020
A UMinho Editora marca presença pela primeira vez na Feira do Livro de Braga, que este ano se realiza totalmente em ambiente virtual, de 3 de julho a 3 de setembro.
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Apresentação do livro “Alan Turing: cientista universal”

Guias (in)formativos temáticos
A área web Guias (in)formativos agrega um conjunto de guias e tutoriais temáticos relacionados com diversas tipologias de recursos bibliográficos e informativos.
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RepositóriUM | últimas entradas 
Magnetic response dependence of ZnO based thin films on Ag doping and processing architecture
Linking leadership to project success
A systematic review of the role of BIM in building sustainability assessment methods
Behavioral and neurophysiological correlates of physical attractiveness
Predicting participation of people with impaired vision in epidemiological studies

UMinho | artigos recentes na ISI Web of Science 
Influence of Nb-doping on the local structure and thermoelectric properties of transparent TiO 2:Nb thin films
Agency and intentionality-dependent experiences of moral emotions
Impacts of climate change on reservoir water availability, quality and irrigation needs in a water scarce Mediterranean region (southern Portugal)
Mining the sociome for Health Informatics: Analysis of therapeutic lifestyle adherence of diabetic patients in Twitter
Unmasking the relevance of hemispheric asymmetries-Break on through (to the other side)
Okun's Law across time and frequencies
Customer Experience Journeys: Loyalty Loops Versus Involvement Spirals
Smart advanced solvents for bioactive compounds recovery from agri-food by-products: A review
Material Flow Control in High-Variety Make-to-Order Shops: Combining COBACABANA and POLCA
Modelling informative time points: an evolutionary process approach
Starmerella vitisf.a., sp. nov., a yeast species isolated from flowers and grapes
Is the Acute: Chronic Workload Ratio (ACWR) Associated with Risk of Time-Loss Injury in Professional Team Sports? A Systematic Review of Methodology, Variables and Injury Risk in Practical Situations
Novel interpretation strategy for searches of singly produced vectorlike quarks at the LHC
Does stakeholder engagement encourage environmental reporting? The mediating role of firm performance
Numerical modeling of the tension stiffening in reinforced concrete members via discontinuum models
Degradation study of polyester fiber in swimming pool water
C Tutor usage in relation to student achievement and progress: A study of introductory programming courses in Portugal and Serbia
Chemiluminescence immunoassay approach to quantify Bisphenol S in canned beverage using a NSP-SA-labeled specific monoclonal antibody
Enhancement of PLA-PVA Surface Adhesion in Bilayer Assemblies by PLA Aminolisation
Influence of the Adopted Balloon Modeling Strategies in the Stent Deployment Procedure: AnIn-SilicoAnalysis
Perovskite ferroelectric thin film as an efficient interface to enhance the photovoltaic characteristics of Si/SnO(x)heterojunctions
Researching on the edge: emancipatory praxis for social justice
Test of CP invariance in vector-boson fusion production of the Higgs boson in the H -> tau tau channel in proton-proton collisions at root s=13TeV with the ATLAS detector
The Best CCT for Appreciation of Paintings under Daylight Illuminants is Different for Occidental and Oriental Viewers
The anatomy of choice: an analysis of the determinants of local service delivery in Poland
Object-Based Analyses in FIJI/ImageJ to Measure Local RNA Translation Sites in Neurites in Response to A beta 1-42 Oligomers
Synthesis and optical studies of nanocrystalline Eu 2+-doped and RE 3+(Nd 3+, Dy 3+)-codoped Ba 4 Al 14 O 25 materials for UV -LEDs
Mutational Profiling of Driver Tumor Suppressor and Oncogenic Genes in Brazilian Malignant Pleural Mesotheliomas
Psychometric Properties of the Portuguese Adaptation of General Functioning of Family Assessment Device: A Comparative Study
Combined Silk Fibroin Microneedles for Insulin Delivery
Cell-Laden Biomimetically Mineralized Shark-Skin-Collagen-Based 3D Printed Hydrogels for the Engineering of Hard Tissues
Robust resistive switching performance of pulsed laser deposited SiC/Ag/SiC tri-layer thin films deposited on a glass substrate
Predicting Mathematics Achievement in Secondary Education: The Role of Cognitive, Motivational, and Emotional Variables
FEM Applied to Building Physics: Modeling Solar Radiation and Heat Transfer of PCM Enhanced Test Cells
Topologies and Operation Modes of Rail Power Conditioners in AC Traction Grids: Review and Comprehensive Comparison
Engagement SPIRALS in Elementary Students: A School-Based Self-Regulated Learning Approach
Assessment of the Agricultural Water Use in Jericho Governorate Using Sefficiency
An Adjective Selection Personality Assessment Method Using Gradient Boosting Machine Learning
Photocatalytic Bi2O3/TiO2:N Thin Films with Enhanced Surface Area and Visible Light Activity
Ecological Design of New Efficient Energy-Performance Construction Materials with Rigid Polyurethane Foam Waste
Development of Poly(l-Lactic Acid)-Based Bending Actuators
Dog Wool Microparticles/Polyurethane Composite for Thermal Insulation
Assessment and communication of the environmental performance of construction products in Europe: Comparison between PEF and EN 15804 compliant EPD schemes
Construction procedure of basement walls using staged bermed excavation with connection joints. Study of the optimum excavated berm section in mixed soils
The role of opioid analgesics in rheumatic disorders: a position paper from the Portuguese Rheumatology Society
Shoulder pain: are there predictive factors of response to treatment and of ultrasound findings?
Ultrasound-guided core biopsy of the parotid gland: the procedure from the Rheumatology point of view
Salivary gland ultrasound findings are associated with clinical and serologic features in primary Sjogren's syndrome patients
Draft genome sequence of Wickerhamomyces anomalus LBCM1105, isolated from cachaca fermentation
What Can Fifty-Two Collateralizable Wealth Measures Tell Us About Future Housing Market Returns? Evidence from US State-Level Data
Portuguese validation of the family adaptability and cohesion evaluation scale - FACES IV

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