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Guias (in)formativos temáticos
A área web Guias (in)formativos agrega um conjunto de guias e tutoriais temáticos relacionados com diversas tipologias de recursos bibliográficos e informativos.
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Ponto de informação do INE na U.M.
O ponto de acesso à informação do INE localizado na Universidade do Minho visa servir todo o Distrito de Braga, permitindo a toda a comunidade regional (investigadores, empresas, professores, estudantes, autarquias, etc.) o acesso facilitado ao conjunto da informação produzida pelo Instituto.
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RepositóriUM | últimas entradas 
Combinatorial approaches with selected phytochemicals to increase antibiotic efficacy against Staphylococcus aureus biofilms
Proof theory for hybrid(ised) logics
Plasma is the main regulator of Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilms virulence genes transcription in human blood
Continuity as a computational effect
Avaliação de perigos e eventos perigosos em sistemas de gestão de resíduos sólidos urbanos

UMinho | artigos recentes na ISI Web of Science 
Sliding wear behavior of polymers studied with mesoscopic molecular dynamics
Comparative lifecycle assessment of mango packaging made from a polyethylene/natural fiber-composite and from cardboard material
Pollution-induced community tolerance (PICT): towards an ecologically relevant risk assessment of chemicals in aquatic systems
Humic acid can mitigate the toxicity of small copper oxide nanoparticles to microbial decomposers and leaf decomposition in streams
Inventory and Assessment of Palaeontological Sites in the Sousa Basin (Paraiba, Brazil): Preliminary Study to Evaluate the Potential of the Area to Become a Geopark
Numerical analysis on the elastic deformation of the tools in sheet metal forming processes
Using data mining algorithms to predict the bond strength of NSM FRP systems in concrete
Screening and characterization of novel specific peptides targeting MDA-MB-231 claudin-low breast carcinoma by computer-aided phage display methodologies
"My Child has Cerebral Palsy": Parental Involvement and Children's School Engagement
A Hitchhiker's Guide to Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Immobilization of the white-rot fungus Anthracophyllum discolor to degrade the herbicide atrazine
Search for Trustful Leadership in Secondary Schools: Is Empowerment the Solution?
Numerical modeling of the thermal contact in metal forming processes
Influence of the metabolic state on the tolerance of Pichia kudriavzevii to heavy metals
Assessment of bone healing ability of calcium phosphate cements loaded with platelet lysate in rat calvarial defects
Production and characterization of hyaluronic acid microparticles for the controlled delivery of growth factors using a spray/dehydration method
Computer simulation evaluation of the geometrical parameters affecting the performance of two dimensional interdigitated batteries
The influence of melt mixing on the stability of cellulose acetate and its carbon nanotube composites
Optimization of the process of aromatic and medicinal plant maceration in grape marc distillates to obtain herbal liqueurs and spirits
Seasonality effects on dengue: basic reproduction number, sensitivity analysis and optimal control
Modeling some real phenomena by fractional differential equations
Infants' Style of Emotion Regulation with Their Mothers and Fathers: Concordance between Parents and the Contribution of Father-Infant Interaction Quality
Characterization of acetate transport in colorectal cancer cells and potential therapeutic implications
Anatomy of the sign-problem in heavy-dense QCD
Probing ferroelectric behaviour in charge-transfer organic meta-nitroaniline
Uncovering the uncertainty: Risk factors and clinical relevance of P1 lesions on small bowel capsule endoscopy of anemic patients
Public spending and growth: The role of government accountability
Lactoferrin selectively triggers apoptosis in highly metastatic breast cancer cells through inhibition of plasmalemmal V-H+-ATPase
A common variant within the HNF1B gene is associated with overall survival of multiple myeloma patients: Results from the IMMEnSE consortium and meta-analysis
Search for pair production of gluinos decaying via stop and sbottom in events with b-jets and large missing transverse momentum in pp collisions at root s=13 TeV with the ATLAS detector
Digital Rectal Examination and Balloon Expulsion Test in the Study of Defecatory Disorders: Are They Suitable as Screening or Excluding Tests?
Corneal Aberrations, Contrast Sensitivity, and Light Distortion in Orthokeratology Patients: 1-Year Results
New insights on an old medical emergency: non-portal hypertension related upper gastrointestinal bleeding
Ciprofloxacin wastewater treated by UVA photocatalysis: contribution of irradiated TiO2 and ZnO nanoparticles on the final toxicity as assessed by Vibrio fischeri

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