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The Documentation Services of the University of UMinho made available to all users an exceptional loan service for publications on the Azurém and Gualtar campuses.

On the Gualtar campus, will be available exclusively publications from the General Library (BGUM), the Law Library (BD) and the Prof. Library Joaquim Pinto Machado (BPM).

On the Azurém campus, will be available exclusively publications from the Library of UMinho at the Campus of Azurém (BPG) and the Library Nuno Portas (BNP).

This service applies to publications available for requisition in the libraries mentioned above, under the conditions defined in the Rules and regulations of the Libraries of the University of Minho, regarding the Loaning service.

Requests must be sent by e-mail to bibliotecas@sdum.uminho.pt, and the user must always indicate the full name, user number and mobile phone contact.

We will try to ensure that the publications requested by the end of each day, can be picked up the next business day, from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm. However, information about the place and time of collection of publications will always be indicated in the response message from the library, so you should not go to campus without first receiving this information.

To collect publications users will need to present a personal identification document with a photo.

The deadline for returning the publications requested during the closing period of the libraries was and will be automatically extended as long as the present situation remains. If, despite this, any user intends to return publications he owns, he can only do so through the Post Office to the address of the library that owns that publication.

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