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Área web que agrega um conjunto de guias e tutoriais relacionados com recursos bibliográficos e informativos. Presentemente, disponibiliza onze guias temáticos.     

Biblioteca Digital

Biblioteca Digital

A Biblioteca Digital engloba um relevante conjunto de recursos bibliográficos de suporte às atividades de ensino, investigação e aprendizagem:

 Catálogo: permite efetuar pesquisas bibliográficas no fundo documental dos Serviços de Documentação da Universidade do Minho. É possível saber no momento se o documento que procura está disponível na estante, efetuar online um pedido de reserva, em caso de indisponibilidade, e renovar o prazo dos empréstimos efetuados.

RepositóriUM: repositório institucional das publicações produzidas no âmbito da atividade científica e académica da Universidade do Minho.

 Portal b-on: ferramenta de pesquisa de informação científica, que facilita a pesquisa simultânea em diversos recursos informativos assinados pelo consórcio nacional b-on [regras de utilização].

 Bases de dados: lista dos recursos bibliográficos pesquisáveis via Web, como bases de dados de referência bibliográfica, de texto integral, editoras de revistas, coleções de ebooks, obras de referência. Inclui recursos subscritos de acesso restrito à rede UMinho e recursos de acesso livre na web selecionados pelos SDUM.

 A-to-Z eRevistas/eBooks: lista dos títulos de livros e de revistas científicas acessíveis eletronicamente em texto integral, total ou parcialmente, dependendo da cobertura temporal assinada. 

Edições Digitais: edições em fac-símile e outras versões de monografias caídas em domínio público sobre a região do Minho e suas personalidades.

Em cada biblioteca existe pessoal especializado disponível para lhe prestar assistência técnica, para que obtenha o melhor aproveitamento dos diversos recursos disponíveis.

Lista de revistas e livros electrónicos de A a Z

   b-on - portal de
pesquisa integrada

Portal de pesquisa b-on

UMinho | artigos recentes na ISI Web of Science 
Risk Acceptance in the Furniture Sector: Analysis of Acceptance Level and Relevant Influence Factors
Perceptions and personal experiences of unwanted attention among Portuguese male students
Retrofitting of interior RC beam-column joints using CFRP strengthened SHCC: Cast-in-place solution
What is the impact of wealth shocks on asset allocation?
The effect of secular trends in the classroom furniture mismatch: support for continuous update of school furniture standards
Enhancement of adhesion and promotion of osteogenic differentiation of human adipose stem cells by poled electroactive poly(vinylidene fluoride)
Metabolic engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae ethanol strains PE-2 and CAT-1 for efficient lignocellulosic fermentation
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Based Metaplasticity Protocols in Working Memory
On the track for an efficient detection of Escherichia coli in water: A review on PCR-based methods
Rockburst laboratory tests database - Application of data mining techniques
"Heroes" and "Villains" of World History across Cultures
Water and Carbon Dioxide: Green Solvents for the Extraction of Collagen/Gelatin from Marine Sponges
Prenatal Equality of Opportunity
Bacterial cellulose production by Gluconacetobacter xylinus by employing alternative culture media
Animal model for chronic massive rotator cuff tear: behavioural and histologic analysis
The complex relation between Belarusian trade openness and the agricultural sector
Frequent involvement of central nervous system in primary Sjogren syndrome
"Sustainability On Earth" WebQuests: Do They Qualify as Problem-Based Learning Activities?
Cyclodextrin modulation of gallic acid in vitro antibacterial activity
Effect of clay mineral addition on properties of bio-based polymer blends
Feedback-control operators for improved Pareto-set description: Application to a polymer extrusion process
Structure and rheological properties of a xyloglucan extracted from Hymenaea courbaril var. courbaril seeds
Growth of Anaerobic Methane-Oxidizing Archaea and Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria in a High-Pressure Membrane Capsule Bioreactor
Influence of discrete fibre reinforcement on the uniaxial compression response and seismic wave velocity of a cement-stabilised sandy-clay
A Hybrid MAC Scheme to Improve the Transmission Performance in Body Sensor Networks
Injectable PEGylated fibrinogen cell-laden microparticles made with a continuous solvent- and oil-free preparation method
Innate immune response is differentially dysregulated between bipolar disease and schizophrenia
The Application of Cycling and Cycling Combined with Feedback in the Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients: A Review
Mechanical characterization of polyhydroxyalkanoate and poly(lactic acid) blends
Application of near surface mounted (NSM) strengthening technique to traditional timber frame walls
Novel bioemulsifier produced by a Paenibacillus strain isolated from crude oil
Permeation barrier performance of Hot Wire-CVD grown silicon-nitride films treated by argon plasma
Liquid Marbles for High-Throughput Biological Screening of Anchorage-Dependent Cells
Search for new phenomena in events with a photon and missing transverse momentum in pp collisions at root s = 8 TeV with the ATLAS detector
Controlling Cancer Cell Fate Using Localized Biocatalytic Self-Assembly of an Aromatic Carbohydrate Amphiphile
Measurements of Higgs boson production and couplings in the four-lepton channel in pp collisions at center-of-mass energies of 7 and 8 TeV with the ATLAS detector
First insight on the impact of an osteoblastic layer on the bio-tribocorrosion performance of Ti6Al4V hip implants
Bilayered silk/silk-nanoCaP scaffolds for osteochondral tissue engineering: In vitro and in vivo assessment of biological performance
Transcultural analysis of the effectiveness of a program to promote self-regulated learning in Mozambique, Chile, Portugal, and Spain
A Hands-on Activity to Raise Awareness about Healthy Sun Exposure
Booms, Busts, and Normal Times in the Housing Market
Inactivation of PNKP by Mutant ATXN3 Triggers Apoptosis by Activating the DNA Damage-Response Pathway in SCA3
The effects of solvent composition on the affinity of a peptide towards hair keratin: experimental and molecular dynamics data
Enzymatic synthesis of poly(catechin)-antibiotic conjugates: an antimicrobial approach for indwelling catheters
Alexithymia in anorexia nervosa: The mediating role of depression
"Supermarket Column Chromatography of Leaf Pigments" Revisited: Simple and Ecofriendly Separation of Plant Carotenoids, Chlorophylls, and Flavonoids. from Green and Red Leaves
The music of language: An ERP investigation of the effects of musical training on emotional prosody processing
Predictors of dropout in a controlled clinical trial of psychotherapy for moderate depression
Viewing Scenes of the History of Chemistry through the Opera Glass
Short-Term Changes in Light Distortion in Orthokeratology Subjects
The Role of the Mammalian DNA End-processing Enzyme Polynucleotide Kinase 3 '-Phosphatase in Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 3 Pathogenesis
Patterning in time and space: HoxB cluster gene expression in the developing chick embryo
Effect of clustering on the surface plasmon band in thin films of metallic nanoparticles
Investigation of protein secretion and secretion stress in Ashbya gossypii
Measurement of flow harmonics with multi-particle cumulants in Pb plus Pb collisions at root(NN)-N-S=2.76 TeV with the ATLAS detector
Search for top squark pair production in final states with one isolated lepton, jets, and missing transverse momentum in root s=8 TeV pp collisions with the ATLAS detector
Congenital Duodenal Obstruction and Double-Bubble Sign
Analysis of Industrial Waste in Wood Pellets and Co-combustion Products
What is the relationship between intracellular and extracellular metabolites? The theory of "metabolic overflow" put into test
Offer, demand, and needs in training and education: a study focusing on microbial culture collections within the MIRRI Consortium
The Ethnography of Prisons and Penal Confinement

RepositóriUM | últimas entradas 
Web-based applications for open display networks
A sociabilidade no Cine-Teatro Augusto Correia de Vila Nova de Famalicão (1962-1989)
Microstructure and strength of ?-TiAl alloy/Inconel 718 brazed Joints
Criação literária, língua materna e eu
Potenciar a biodiversidade urbana em Guimarães através de corredores verdes

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