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20181012 Handbook of human factors in web design edited by Kim-Phuong L. Vu, Robert W. Proctor
20181012 Handbook of natural language processing ed. Nitin Indurkhya, Fred J. Damerau
20181012 Handbook of virtual environments : design, implementation, and applications edited by Kelly S. Hale, Kay M. Stanney
20181012 Understanding your users : <>practical guide to user research methods Kathy Baxter, Catherine Courage, Kelly Caine
20181011 <>adaptation industry : <>cultural economy of contemporary literary adaptation Simone Murray
20181011 <>fashioned body : fashion, dress and modern social theory Joanne Entwistle
20181011 Celtic myth in the <<21=>>st century : <>gods and their stories in a global perspective edited by Emily Lyle
20181011 Corpus linguistics : method, theory and practice Tony McEnery, Andrew Hardie
20181011 Incursões no Filebo : estudos sobre Platão coord. António de Castro Caeiro, Mário Jorge de Carvalho
20181011 Life on the hyphen : <>Cuban-American way Gustavo Pérez Firmat
20181011 Lingüística de corpus : génesis y bases metodológicas de los corpus (históricos) para la investigación en lingüística Joan Torruella Casañas
20181011 Luso-American literature : writings by Portuguese-speaking authors in North America edited and with an introduction by Robert Henry Moser and Antonio Luciano de Andrade Tosta
20181011 Manet : <>symbolic revolution ed. by Pascale Casanova... [et al.]
20181011 Manual de linguística portuguesa ed. Ana Maria Martins, Ernestina Carrilho
20181011 Mário de Sá-Carneiro : <>cosmopolitan modernist ed. Fernando Beleza and Simon Park
20181011 Mastering regular expressions Jeffrey E. F. Friedl
20181011 Practicing literary theory in the middle ages : ethics and the mixed form in Chaucer, Gower, Usk, and Hoccleve Eleanor Johnson
20181011 Understanding augmented reality : concepts and applications Alan B. Craig
20181011 Unmarked : <>politics of performance Peggy Phelan
20181011 What cinema is? : Bazin's quest and its charge Dudley Andrew
20180928 Live and let go a film by Jay Niver and Jay Spain
20180928 Padre Pio : testemunha privilegiada de Cristo Arni Decorte
20180928 Quand le ciel touche la terre : prédications sur les paraboles de Jésus Eugen Drewermann
20180928 Thérèse de Lisieux : mythes et réalité René Laurentin
20180927 <>aide au suicide : contre l'acharnement thérapeutique et palliatif Jérôme Sobel, Michel Thévoz
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