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Andrew M. Cox
Andrew Cox is a Senior Lecturer at the Information School, University of Sheffield. He is head of the school's Digital Societies research group. His research interests include online community and RDM. https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/is/staff/cox


David Marshall
David Marshall manages the Futurelib Programme at the University of Cambridge. Futurelib is an innovation programme which employs ethnographic and UX research methods and user-centred design techniques to examine and improve the current user experience of Cambridge libraries. Work conducted by Futurelib has attracted the attention of a varied international audience, including library professionals, anthropologists and ethnographers, and those applying UX principles and techniques in design. David is interested in how the roles of academic libraries fit within the wider lives of today’s students and academics, and is an advocate for the importance of an open approach to user research in the design process. @david_mlib
Han Heijmans
H.G. Heijmans (1956) studied Foundations of Physics at Utrecht University, Netherlands. At the same institute he got a PhD on the History of Science. A career in Science Centres and Science Museums followed, where he mainly focussed on Science Education. In 1996 he became director of the Museum of Technology in Delft and in 2009 he went to TU Delft Library as curator of the Academic Heritage Collections. Since 2013 he is member of the management team, first as manager Operations and since 2015 as manager Research Services.
Santiago Asenjo
Bibliotecario desde el año 1982.
Facultativo de Archivos y Bibliotecas, actualmente Director de la Biblioteca de la Universidad de León.
Representante de la Universidad de León en la Red de Bibliotecas Universitarias Españolas (REBIUN). Miembro de la Comisión Ejecutiva de REBIUN y Coordinador de la Línea 3 (Potenciar el desarrollo y el uso de la Biblioteca Digital 2.0, Internet y las redes sociales)
Miembro de la Comisión Técnica y del Consejo de Gobierno del Consorcio de Bibliotecas Universitarias de Castilla y León  (BUCLE).
Profesor de Fuentes Documentales del Master Universitario de Investigación en Ciencias socio sanitarias de la Universidad de León.


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