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Search tool for scientific information, which facilitates simultaneous searching in various information resources subscribed through the National Consortium b-on.


RepositoriUM - Institutional Repository
The Institutional Digital Repository of research materials and scholarly publications of the University of Minho.

Web of Science
Web of Science is a database containing both multidisciplinary and specialized content. It covers journals, proceedings, current contents, journal citations, patents and chemical structures. This platform provides an interesting way of searching and managing information. University of Minho restricted access.


The Library provides access to a comprehensive collection of dictionaries for Portuguese language.


RepositóriUM | recent items 
Fortaleza de Valença. "Projeto de requalificação urbana do centro histórico de Valença". Trabalhos arqueológicos 2004-2017. Inventário e classificação de numismas
Estratégias dos profissionais de saúde na gestão da violência no trabalho
Valores normativos e propridades psicométricas da escala de crenças sobre punição física em contexto forense
Does social screening impact portfolio performance?: specific case of U.S. market
A gestão do risco cambial nas aquisições de dólares do Exército Brasileiro

UMinho | recent articles in Web of Science  
One-step chromatographic method to purify alpha-lactalbumin from whey for nanotube synthesis purposes
Evaluating the effect of chitosan layer on bioaccessibility and cellular uptake of curcumin nanoemulsions
Integrated strategy for purification of esterase from Aureobasidium pullulans
Generation of Flavors and Fragrances Through Biotransformation and De Novo Synthesis
Microstructural-mechanical properties relationship in single polymer laminate composites based on polyamide 6
Multifunctional magnetically responsive biocomposites based on genetically engineered silk-elastin-like protein
Axisymmetric auxetics
Are public hospitals reforming efficiently in West Bank?
The Role of Astrocytic Calcium Signaling in the Aged Prefrontal Cortex
How do chronic nutrient loading and the duration of nutrient pulses affect nutrient uptake in headwater streams?
MITT: Medical Image Tracking Toolbox
Comprehensive benchmark study of commercial sheet metal forming simulation softwares used in the automotive industry
Eubacterium maltosivorans sp nov., a novel human intestinal acetogenic and butyrogenic bacterium with a versatile metabolism
Enhanced Mechanical and Thermal Strength in Mixed-Enantiomers-Based Supramolecular Gel
Molecular weight of surface immobilized hyaluronic acid influences CD44-mediated binding of gastric cancer cells
Search for the Higgs boson produced in association with a vector boson and decaying into two spin-zero particles in the H -> aa -> 4b channel in pp collisions at root s=13 TeV with the ATLAS detector
Gait Event Detection in Controlled and Real-Life Situations: Repeated Measures From Healthy Subjects
TDF/FTC Electrospun Nanofibers for Topical Prevention of HIV Transmission
Lipid-based Nanocarriers for Antiretroviral Drug Delivery: an HIV Topical Prevention Strategy
Burden changes in caregivers of patients with type 2 diabetes: A longitudinal study
Current chronic hepatitis C treatment in HIV co-infection in Portugal: a cohort of 2133 patients presented by GEPCOI (Portuguese Coinfection Study Group)
Polymers from Bamboo Extracts Produced by Laccase
Fluorescence of natural teeth and restorative materials, methods for analysis and quantification: A literature review
Color stability of a bis-acryl composite resin subjected to polishing, thermocycling, intercalated baths, and immersion in different beverages
Water Dispersible Few-Layer Graphene Stabilized by a Novel Pyrene Derivative at Micromolar Concentration
Development of Magnetically Active Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration
Being a mother of preterm multiples in the context of socioeconomic disadvantage: perceived stress and psychological symptoms
LED Optrode with Integrated Temperature Sensing for Optogenetics
Injectable hydrogel composite containing modified gold nanoparticles: implication in bone tissue regeneration
Social advertisements for public health and epidemic dynamics: A study based on HIV/AIDS prevention television advertisements in four European countries

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