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Opening hours and closure dates in the Easter holidays

Considering the Easter holidays, the opening hours of the UMinho General Library (BGUM), from 26th  to 29th  March, will be from 8h30 to 20h00. The Library will be closed on Saturday, 31st March.
The opening hours of the UMinho Library on the Azurém Campus (BPG), from 26th  to 29th  March,  will be from 9h00 to 20h00.
The Prof. Joaquim Pinto Machado Library (BPM), the Nuno Portas Library (BNP) and the UMinho Law Library (BD), will continue to practice the usual schedule.
The group study rooms 24x7, in BGUM and BPG, shall remain continuously open. 
The UMinho library in Couros Campus(BCC) will be closed from  26th March to 3rd April.
On  2nd April, due to the time-off granted by  the Management Council’s Deliberation no. 01/2018, all libraries will be closed.

B-on portal
Search tool for scientific information, which facilitates simultaneous searching in various information resources subscribed through the National Consortium b-on.


RepositoriUM - Institutional Repository
The Institutional Digital Repository of research materials and scholarly publications of the University of Minho.

Web of Science
Web of Science is a database containing both multidisciplinary and specialized content. It covers journals, proceedings, current contents, journal citations, patents and chemical structures. This platform provides an interesting way of searching and managing information. University of Minho restricted access.


The Library provides access to a comprehensive collection of dictionaries for Portuguese language.


RepositóriUM | recent items 
O discurso publicitário ao serviço da construção da identidade no Estado Novo: o caso de Mundo Gráfico
Reflexões pós-coloniais em torno da avaliação em educação
?Crianças / jovens que assumem comportamentos que afetam o seu bem estar e desenvolvimento: a intervenção de uma Comissão de Proteção de Crianças e Jovens: um estudo de caso?
... mas bárbaros não
A configuração do ensino da Gramática nos novos manuais de Português do 9.º ano

UMinho | recent articles in Web of Science  
SiO2 nanomaterial as a tool to improve Hordeum vulgare L. tolerance to nano-NiO stress
Structural assessment and seismic vulnerability of earthen historic structures. Application of sophisticated numerical and simple analytical models
Electric field-based technologies for valorization of bioresources
The performance of socially responsible equity mutual funds: Evidence from Sweden
Social norm complexity and past reputations in the evolution of cooperation
Heterocyclic amino acids as fluorescent reporters for transition metals: synthesis and evaluation of novel furyl-benzoxazol-5-yl-l-alanines
Advances in Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications
Gellan Gum Hydrogels with Enzyme-Sensitive Biodegradation and Endothelial Cell Biorecognition Sites
Ag85-focused T-cell immune response controls Mycobacterium avium chronic infection
Centrality ratings, forensic relevance, and production frequency: Which one best identifies central and peripheral items?
Fish and mussels: Importance of fish for freshwater mussel conservation
Feeding ecology of the common dolphin (Delphinus delphis) in Western Iberian waters: has the decline in sardine (Sardina pilchardus) affected dolphin diet?
Biochemical methane potential of brewery by-products
Numerical study of springback using the split-ring test: influence of the clearance between the die and the punch
Antibacterial and Antifungal Activity of Poly(Lactic Acid)-Bovine Lactoferrin Nanofiber Membranes
Feeding inhibition in Corbicula fluminea (OF Muller, 1774) as an effect criterion to pollutant exposure: Perspectives for ecotoxicity screening and refinement of chemical control
Toxicity and structure-activity relationship (SAR) of alpha,beta-dehydroamino acids against human cancer cell lines
Measurement of tau polarisation in Z/gamma* -> tau tau decays in proton-proton collisions at root s=8 TeV with the ATLAS detector
Synthesis and Evaluation of the Tumor Cell Growth Inhibitory Potential of New Putative HSP90 Inhibitors
Smoking Cessation after Bladder Cancer Diagnosis
Upgrading of UV Protection Properties of Several Textile Fabrics by Their Dyeing with Grape Pomace Colorants
Dual delivery of hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs from chitosan/ diatomaceous earth composite membranes
Olive Oil Total Phenolic Contents and Sensory Sensations Trends during Oven and Microwave Heating Processes and Their Discrimination Using an Electronic Tongue
Tetracycline and rifampicin induced a viable but nonculturable state in Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilms
Carvacrol is highly disruptive against coagulase-negative staphylococci in in vitro biofilms
Tissue macrophages modulate alveolar epithelial and myofibroblast differentiation during fetal lung sacculation.
Dynein Light Intermediate Chains participate differently in fundamental aspects of neocortex development.

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