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Rules and regulations of the Libraries of the University of Minho

Approved by Despacho RT-71/2013 and published in the Diário da República, 2ª Série - Nº 173 - 9 September 2013

1. General Provisions
2. Users
3. Using the Library
3.1. Reading and Consultation
3.2. Loaning
3.3. Long term loans
4. Returns and Penalties
5. Loss and Damage
6. Board of Library users
7. Final Provisions

Chapter I - General Provisions

Article 1 - Objective

These rules and regulations defines the conditions of use of the services and physical spaces of the libraries of the University of Minho (UMinho).

Article 2 - Scope

This Regulation applies to UMinho libraries.


Chapter II - Users

Article 3 - Users

Users of the UMinho Libraries are:

  1. Students, teachers, researchers and non teaching staff;
  2. University bodies, teaching and research units, research projects, cultural units and service units of UMinho 
  3. Individuals or legal entities, after the registration acceptance by the UMinho libraries;
  4. Institutions such as archives, libraries, documentation services and other national information centers, after signing cooperation agreements / protocols.

Article 4 - Identification of Users

  1. All Library users must have an identification document.
  2. Students, teachers, researchers and UMinho employees (non teaching staff) are identified by the University identification card.
  3. External users are identified by the user card, issued by the Documentation and Libraries Services Unit (USDB).

Article 5 - User Rights

Users rights include:

  1. Use of freely accessible spaces, including reading rooms, offices for individual and group study, informal reading areas as well as recreational areas;
  2. Use of services and informational resources provided by the UMinho libraries under the conditions laid out in these Regulations as well as those presented and published by the USDB;
  3. Receiving of information about services provided, as well as the rules and guidelines of the functioning of the UMinho libraries, and the right to make suggestions or complaints.

Article 6 - Duties of the user

The duties of the users:

  1. Abide by the rules of these Regulations
  2. Demonstrate civic behavior and conduct towards other users and employees;
  3. Promoting an environment of silence and well-being, refraining from talking, eating, smoking, using objects or taking actions that may disrupt the normal functioning of the library;
  4. Preservation of the current state of the physical facilities and equipment, refraining from any conduct that may causes damages;
  5. Maintain the layout of furniture and equipment;
  6. Respect the advice of the members of the Library staff;
  7. Ensure the integrity of documents;
  8. Presenting of a valid library user identification document when requested by the members if the Library staff. 


Chapter III - Using the Library

Section I - Reading and Consultation

Article 7 - Reading and Consultation

  1. Reading and consultation of library documents takes place within the freely accessible zones of the libraries, and is restricted to the areas protected by the anti-theft system.
  2. Users have the right to make use of all publications within the freely accessible zones without formally making a loan.

Section II - Loaning

Article 8 - Loaning

  1. The loaning of publications implies the granting of authorization to users to read and consult library material outside the library premises, as a regular loan, interlibrary loan and long term loan.
  2. The loaning of publications is provided on an individual basis to users or to institutions under interlibrary loan.
  3. Special authorization is required from the Library Division Head to loan publications that have characteristics that are not subjected to the normal loan procedure.

Article 9 - Regular Loans

  1. Requests for publications through the regular Loan scheme are the exclusive right of UMinho library users that have a valid membership and a regular situation.
  2. The loaning of publications implies the presentation of the user’s identification card and the signing of a loan slip, provided by the library, at the time of the loan.
  3. By signing the request the user undertakes to return the borrowed publication in good condition and within the deadline date of the loan.
  4. For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, it is understood that at the time of the loan all the publications are in good condition, unless stated otherwise in writing, registered in the bibliographical record of the publication or endorsed by the employee of the library at users’ request. 

Article 10 - Loaning periods for Regular Loans

  1. The loaning period for regular loans range from 3 to 60 days, according to the status of publications and the status of the library user:
    1. Teachers and researchers of the UMinho - loaning period from 3 to 60 days, according to the status of the publications;
    2. Third cycle students, scholars and non-teaching staff of the UMinho - loaning period from 3 to 30 days, according to the status of the publications;
    3. Other users - loaning period from 3 to 14 days, according to the status of the publications.
  2. In the above mentioned cases a) and b) , and in accordance with article 13 of the libraries Regulations, if there are made reservations on borrowed publications for a period exceeding 14 days, these publications must be returned within 14 days of the date of reservation, or if the loaning period expires. In these cases the USDB will notify users by email, to return the publications.
  3. The USDB will notify users by email, as the deadline date for returning the publications approaches, informing if necessary to return the publications or renew the loans.

Article 11 - Renewal of Regular Loans

  1. The loan period is subjected to renewal, provided that the user requests it until the last day of the deadline for delivery.
  2. The renewal of the loan period can be made at the counters of UMinho libraries, by phone, email or internet.
  3. Each loan can be renewed up to a maximum of six (6) successive renewals.
  4. Users lose the right to renew the loan when it exceeds the delivery period or when the library needs of the publication in question to satisfy other requests.
  5. For purposes of the preceding paragraph, the USDB will notify the users, by email, to return the borrowed publication.

Article 12 - Number of Loans Simultaneously

The numbers of loans that the users may simultaneously hold are:

  1. Teachers, researchers, scholars, third cycle students (post graduate students) and UMinho employees (non teaching staff) - 30 publications
  2. Second cycle students (graduate students) - up to 15 publications;
  3. First cycle students (under graduate students) - up to 10 publications;
  4. Other users - up to 6 publications.

Article 13 - Reservation (recall) of Borrowed Publications

  1. Users wishing to borrow a publication that is currently out on loan, my request its reservation (recall)
  2. The reservation (recall) can be made  at the attendance desk of the library or by phone, email or Internet.
  3. Each user may reserve up to 3 publications simultaneously.
  4. Reservation requests remain valid until the end of the first working day following the availability of the reserved publication.
  5. For purposes of the preceding paragraph, the user will be informed by email on the availability of the reserved publication.

Article 14 - Interlibrary Loans

  1. The interlibrary loans follow the same rules as the regular Loans scheme, with the following exceptions:
    1. The loan period of interlibrary loans may vary up to a maximum of 30 days from the date of dispatch of the publications to the requesting library;
    2. Interlibrary loan requests must be signed by the head of the requesting library.
    3. Abiding by Interlibrary loans rules and regulations, the library requesting the publication is responsible for its preservation.
  2. In interlibrary loan the publications that have to transit through the mail must be sent by registered mail, with expenses paid by the consignor. Abiding by Interlibrary loans rules and regulations, all publications transit through the mail, must be sent by registered mail, with the expenses paid by the dispatching entity.

Section III - Long term loans

Article 15 - Long Term Loans

  1. The long-term loans are the loans of publications that exceed a period of 60 days.
  2. Users eligible for loan term loans are exclusively: University bodies, teaching and research units, research projects, cultural units and service units of UMinho.
  3. Long-term loans may also be applied to publications purchased under the auspices of a specific teaching project,  in which case the request must be made by the course director.

Article 16 - Long Term Loans Regime

  1. The long-term loans apply exclusively to publications that meet the following criteria:
    1. Purchased specifically for this purpose by the requesting entity;
    2. The usage rate of the publications very low, and the Library Division Head, authorizes the long term loan of the publication.
  2. The requisition under a long-term loan is made by publication, and the corresponding loan slip must be signed by the person in charge of the requesting entity.
  3. Long-term loans may be interrupted for defined periods, if the library requires publications to satisfy requests from other users.
  4. Occurring a situation described in the preceding paragraph, the failure to return the requested publications implies the immediate termination of the right to this loan scheme until the situation is remedied.
  5. The loan-term loan requests have to be renewed at the end of each school year, with the head of each entity requesting its renewal until the 1st day of the month of September.
  6. Each entity or user cannot hold simultaneously more than 50 publications in this regime.
  7. For purposes of the preceding paragraph, entities carrying out their activities in the centres of Braga and Guimarães are considered different users.


Chapter IV - Returns and Penalties

Article 17 - Return of Publications

  1. Users must return the borrowed publications by the deadline date, unless the loan period is renewed.
  2. Upon returning the borrowed publication, the user may require proof of delivery of the publications.

Article 18 - Penalties for Delays

  1. The returning of publications delayed up to 15 working days results in the suspension of the user´s right to request and renew publication(s), until the user does not return the publication (s), and make payment of  a penalization fee for each overdue publication and for each day delayed.  The amount of the penalization fee shall be determined by resolution of the Management Council of the University. If the return of the publications occurs on the first day of delay, no penalty will be applied.
  2. Upon the 16th day of delay in returning the publications, other than the suspension of the user’s right to request and renew publication(s), and the payment of a penalization fee provided for in paragraph 1, a further penalty of suspension will be enforced, restricting the user´s right to request publications during the period of 15 days, counting from the date upon which the user returned the overdue publications.
  3. From the 30th day of delay in returning overdue publication(s), in addition to the suspension of the user´s right to request and renew publication(s) and the payment of a penalty fee provided for in paragraph 1, plus the penalty of suspension of the user´s right to request publications during a period of 30 days, counting from the date upon which the user returned the overdue publications.
  4. The Director of the USDB is responsible for notifying users of irregular situations.
  5. After two notifications, the Director of USDB shall, for all intents and purposes, communicate to the Dean of the UMinho, or the Director of the Academic Services, depending on the status of the user: Students, teachers, researchers and UMinho employees (non-teaching staff), the identification those whose irregularity for delay in returning of overdue loans or payment of monetary penalties, extending for a period exceeding 30 days.


Chapter V - Loss and Damage

Article 19 - Responsibility

The user is always responsible for the publication requested, and under no circumstance must he cede it to a third party, having to replace or compensate the library in case of damage or loss.

Article 20 - Damaging of Publications

  1. It is considered damaging of publications: folding, cutting, tearing, scratching, writing, drawing, underlining, soiling or wetting the pages and or covers, as well as the removing or disabling of any identification signs placed by the USDB.
  2. Incumbent upon the Head of the Library Division to decide whether the damage to a particular document is not liable for damages and subsequent compensation payable by the user.

Article 21 - Compensation

  1. The calculation of compensation payable by the user, in case of damage or loss of publications, will be decided by the Head of the Library Division, taking into account the actual or estimated value of the publication, as well as all costs associated with the respective process.
  2. By decision of the Director of the USDB, the user is inhibited from making use the services of UMinho libraries, until payment of the compensation for the damage or loss of the publication, has not been made.

Article 22 - Other suspensions

The act of removing or attempting to remove publications from UMinho libraries without prior authorization results in the immediate suspension of user rights, until the conclusion of a disciplinary proceeding.


Article 23 - Acts of Indiscipline

  1. Users that promote acts of indiscipline and disorder that interfere with the normal environment of the reading rooms and other spaces within the UMinho libraries will be instructed by library employees to leave the premises.
  2. Refusing to leave the premises, and the severity or repetition of the acts of indiscipline or disturbance, determine the submission of a formal complaint to the Rector of the UMinho, whereupon a procedure to open a disciplinary sanction will be determined, during which all rights of the user will be suspended.


Chapter VI - Board of Library users

Article 24 - Board of Library Users

  1. The Rector of the Uminho shall appoint, for a period of three years, a Board of library Users, composed of 8-12 members, representing namely: University bodies, teaching and research units, teachers, researchers, non-teaching staff and students of the Uminho.
  2. The Board of Users Libraries is a monitoring body whose task is to pronounce itself on the functioning of the UMinho libraries.
  3. The Board of Users Libraries, is presided by a teacher,  member of the Council, and must  meet ordinarily in the first quarter of each year and may hold extraordinary meetings at any time at the request of the President, the Director of USDB or at least one third of its members.



Chapter VII - Final Provisions

Article 25 - Opening hours

  1. The opening hours of UMinho libraries is fixed in each school year.
  2. The functioning hours may change throughout the year, given the school calendar.
  3. The schedule, as well as any amendments thereto, will be posted in a conspicuous place within the UMinho libraries and publicized through the portal of the USDB and the UMinho institutional channels of communication.

Article 26 - Omissions

Any omissions that may arise in this regulation are resolved by decree of the Director of the USDB, whose decision may be appealed to the Dean or appointee.

Article 27 - Enforceability of the Regulation

This regulation will be enforced upon the date of its publication in the Official Government Gazette Diário da República) and shall be publicized on the official UMinho webpage.


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