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The Documentation Services is an integrated system that includes the functional units of library and bibliographic information and all the libraries of the University, with the core attributions:

a) Gathering, organizing and granting easy accessibility to all available bibliographical resources located within the libraries of the University of Minho, thus creating an ideal environment for the University community to fulfil their informational, educational and cultural needs.

b) Active participation in bibliographical, scientific and technical networks, in accordance with the interests of the University of Minho.


Responding to the commitments established in its mission and values, the Documentation Services of the University of Minho aims to:

  • Be recognized by its users (individual and institutional) as an excellent service and essential to the teaching, learning, research activities , and the creation and dissemination of knowledge generated at the University of Minho;
  • Be a national and international reference and leader in the development and provision of resources and innovative bibliographic information services;
  • Being a socially and environmentally responsible organization, controlling costs, eliminating waste, promoting professional training and personal development of employees and offering a friendly work environment, facilitating interaction between its users and contributors.


  • User centered
  • Respect everyone and the environment
  • Innovation
  • Access to information and intellectual freedom
  • Excellence

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