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According to the Organic Regulation of the University of Minho, the Documentation and Library Services Unit, headed by a service director, has the mission of managing and providing resources, spaces and services for documentation, publications and bibliographic information to support activities of educational, scientific, technological and cultural nature and contribute to the preservation, dissemination and enhancement of the knowledge generated at the University, namely:


Manage UMinho's libraries and provide spaces, collections and services that support, welcome and encourage study and learning.


Promote actions and provide training and training materials for University members in the field of information literacy, scientific communication and open science.

c) Manage and provide repositories, publishing platforms, editorial services and other support services for research, preservation, dissemination and enhancement of knowledge generated at the University of Minho;
d) Promote or participate in national and international projects and networks, in the field of scientific information, open science and cooperation between libraries.

To pursue its mission, the Documentation and Library Services Unit defends a set of values that guide the activities they develop:

  • User orientation
  • Mutual respect for people and the environment;
  • Innovation;
  • Access to information and intellectual freedom;
  • Excellence.


Responding to the commitments established in its mission and values, the Documentation and Libraries Service of the University of Minho aims to:

  • Be recognized by its users (both individual and institutional) as an excellent and essential service in supporting teaching, learning, research, as well as the creation, dissemination and enhancement of the knowledge generated at the University of Minho;
  • Be a national and international reference and leader in the development and provision of resources and innovative bibliographic information services;
  • Be a socially and environmentally responsible organization, controlling costs, eliminating waste, promoting professional training and personal development of employees and offering a friendly work environment, facilitating interaction between its users and contributors.

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