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Organic structure

According to the Organic Regulation of the University of Minho Service Units approved by Decree RT-44/2020 of May 7th, 2020, the Documentation and Library Services integrates the following units:

    • Office of Librarianship and Library Management
    • Office of Scientific Information Management, Repositories and Open Science
    • Center for bibliographic Information and user Training

The Office of Librarianship and Library Management is responsible for:

a) Supporting the processes of:

    • Obtaining publications and documentation, by acquisition, offers and exchange;
    • Cataloging and classifying of publications and documentation, according to specified regulations and standards.
    • Insertion of references into bibliographic databases;
    • Organization and conservation of the bibliographical collections.

b) Active participation in bibliographical, scientific and technical networks, in accordance with the interests of the University of Minho.  

The Office of Scientific Information Management, Repositories and Open Science:

    • Provide services and tools to support scientific and academic publication, research data management and monitoring of bibliometric indicators;
    • Manage the repositories of publications and research data, ensuring their interoperability with other infrastructures, national and international, of scientific information;
    • Provide the services necessary for the development of UMinho's editorial activity, namely within the scope of UMinho Editor;
    • Promote the University's participation in networks and projects related to scientific information, repositories and open science.

The Center for Bibliographic Information and User Training is responsible for:

    • Providing research services and access to bibliographic information to support educational, scientific, technological and cultural activities, available at the University;
    • Facilitate access to and the use of bibliographic information services and resources available at the UMinho through training activities and the provision of guides and other support instruments, in concurrence with the organic units;
    • Promote and organize cultural and scientific dissemination initiatives in collaboration with the organic units of the University and external entities.

The Documentation and Library Services Unit also integrates the following sectors: Administration Office, Quality Management and IT Support , which report directly to the Service Director.



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