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Distance Lending Service

The distance lending service is available for the UMinho library users, is limited to national territory and is applied to the existing publications, available for loan, in the General Library of the University of Minho (BGUM), the Library of the University of Minho on the Azurém Campus (BPG), the Library Prof. Joaquim Pinto Machado (BPM), the Library Nuno Portas (BNP), the Library of Law of the University of Minho (BD) and the Library of the Couros campus (BCC). The publications available for loaning are subjected to the conditions defined in the Rules and regulations of the Libraries of the University of Minho regarding the loaning of publications.

Requests for sending publications should be made by completing and submitting the appropriate form, and sent directly to the Reference Services by email (dif@usdb.uminho.pt).


form for requests of publications

The publications will be sent by registered mail, and charged accordingly to the stipulated price list:

Sending of publications by registered mail
 Until 500g                          € 5,00
 From 501g until 2000g                                      € 8,00

If you need further information about the service please contact us through the Reference Services Office.

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E-mail: dif@usdb.uminho.pt

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