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The Digital Library is the access point to an extensive collection of informational resources, relevant in teaching, research and learning:

Library Catalogue: allows quick and easy access to bibliographic records of the libraries of the University of Minho. Searches may cover all the libraries of the Documentation Services or may be narrowed down to a specific library.

RepositóriUM: a Digital Repository of research materials and scholarly publications of the University of Minho.

 Portal b-on: search tool for scientific information, which facilitates simultaneous searching in various information resources subscribed through the National Consortium b-on.

 Databases: access to a number of bibliographic reference and full-text databases, containing multidisciplinary and specialized content. Covers subscribed databases, restricted to on campus usage, and selected open access resources, freely available online.

 A-to-Z eJournals/eBooks: list of ebooks and ejournals titles available online in full text.

 Digital Editions: editions in facsimile and other versions of monographs fallen in the public domain about the Minho region and their personalities (page in Portuguese).
In each library there are specialized staff to ensure technical support, so that users can get the best use of all the resources available.

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UMinho | recent papers at Web of Science  
Combination of expert decision and learned based Bayesian Networks for multi-scale mechanical analysis of timber elements
Insights on the apparel needs and limitations for athletes with disabilities: The design of wheelchair rugby sports-wear
Influence of particle diameter in mechanical performance of Al expanded clay syntactic foams
Whey protein active films incorporated with a blend of essential oils: Characterization and effectiveness
Expression of tyrosine kinase receptor AXL is associated with worse outcome of metastatic renal cell carcinomas treated with sunitinib
Iberian atmospheric dynamics and large forest fires in mainland Portugal
In Vivo Characterizations of the Immune Properties of Sericin: An Ancient Material with Emerging Value in Biomedical Applications
Relationship quality influences attitudes toward and perceptions of infidelity
Prospective evaluation on the effect of interobserver variability of digital rectal examination on the performance of the Rotterdam Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator
Disruption of amyloid precursor protein ubiquitination selectively increases amyloid (A) 40 levels via presenilin 2-mediated cleavage
Extracting Damping Information from Resilient Modulus Tests
Laughter catches attention!
Development of barley and yeast beta-glucan aerogels for drug delivery by supercritical fluids
Atypical, non-standard functions of the microtubule associated Tau protein
Evaluation of Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid Cytokines as Biomarkers for Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis in At-Risk Patients
Study of ordered hadron chains with the ATLAS detector
Measurement of lepton differential distributions and the top quark mass in &ITt&IT(&ITt&IT)over-bar production in &ITpp&IT collisions at a root&ITs & 8TeV with the ATLAS detector
The alpha-Arrestin Bul1p Mediates Lactate Transporter Endocytosis in Response to Alkalinization and Distinct Physiological Signals
Vision in high-level football officials
Impact of Graphene on the Polarizability of a Neighbour Nanoparticle: A Dyadic Green's Function Study
Drivers of genetic diversity in secondary metabolic gene clusters within a fungal species
Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy in Portuguese Pregnant Women
Couple relationship moderates anxiety and depression trajectories over the transition to parenthood
Prevalence and predictors of spontaneous smoking cessation at the first trimester of pregnancy
Children learn, children do! Results of "Planning Health in School", a behavioural-change programme
Antibiofilm activity of propolis extract on Fusarium species from onychomycosis
Lung cancer samples preserved in liquid medium: One step beyond cytology
Cowpea: a legume crop for a challenging environment
European cowpea landraces for a more sustainable agriculture system and novel foods
Towards the understanding of the behavior of bio-based nanostructures during in vitro digestion
Screening and characterisation of a poly(vinyl alcohol)-degrading mixed microbial culture
Localization and Positioning Systems for Emergency Responders: A Survey
Anxiety and depressive symptoms in women and men from early pregnancy to 30 months postpartum
Enhancing the cognitive interview with an alternative procedure to witness-compatible questioning: category clustering recall
Influence of Different ECM-Like Hydrogels on Neurite Outgrowth Induced by Adipose Tissue-Derived Stem Cells
Biofunctional Ionic-Doped Calcium Phosphates: Silk Fibroin Composites for Bone Tissue Engineering Scaffolding

RepositóriUM | last entries 
Evaluation of alternative alkali pretreatment for oat straw saccharification and fermentation
What is the role of Pseudomonas sp. in the anaerobic digestion of long-chain fatty acids?
Hyperthermia produced by magnetic nanoparticles as an alternative method to control a major foodborne pathogen
The möbius strip of lean engineering and systems engineering
Catalytic reutilization of chromium-loaded NaY oxidation of ethyl acetate

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