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The Digital Library is the access point to an extensive collection of informational resources, relevant in teaching, research and learning:

Library Catalogue: allows quick and easy access to bibliographic records of the libraries of the University of Minho. Searches may cover all the libraries of the Documentation Services or may be narrowed down to a specific library.

RepositóriUM: a Digital Repository of research materials and scholarly publications of the University of Minho.

 Portal b-on: search tool for scientific information, which facilitates simultaneous searching in various information resources subscribed through the National Consortium b-on.

 Databases: access to a number of bibliographic reference and full-text databases, containing multidisciplinary and specialized content. Covers subscribed databases, restricted to on campus usage, and selected open access resources, freely available online.

 A-to-Z eJournals/eBooks: list of ebooks and ejournals titles available online in full text.

 Digital Editions: editions in facsimile and other versions of monographs fallen in the public domain about the Minho region and their personalities (page in Portuguese).
In each library there are specialized staff to ensure technical support, so that users can get the best use of all the resources available.

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UMinho | recent papers at Web of Science  
Prevention of epithelial to mesenchymal transition in colorectal carcinoma by regulation of the E-cadherin-beta-catenin-vinculin axis (vol 452, pg 254, 2019)
A decision support system for territorial resilience assessment and planning: An application to the Douro Valley (Portugal)
Long-term stability of a non-adapted aerobic granular sludge process treating fish canning wastewater associated to EPS producers in the core microbiome
Morphology and water flux of produced cellulose acetate membranes reinforced by the design of experiments (DOE)
Thermoelectric response of a screen printed silver-nickel thermocouple
Challenges to water quality assessment in Europe - Is there scope for improvement of the current Water Framework Directive bioassessment scheme in rivers?
Characterization of hydrochar and process water from the hydrothermal carbonization of Refuse Derived Fuel
Development of sandwich panels for multi-functional strengthening of RC buildings: Characterization of constituent materials and shear interaction of panel assemblies
Flexural and shear strengthening of reinforced concrete beams with a hybrid CFRP solution
Initial teacher education after the Bologna process. Possibilities and challenges for a renewed scholarship of teaching and learning
Modelling the flow within forests: the canopy-related terms in the Reynolds-averaged formulation
Epigallocatechin-3-gallate PEGylated poly(lactic-co-glycolic) acid nanoparticles mitigate striatal pathology and motor deficits in 3-nitropropionic acid intoxicated mice
Synthesis of mussel-inspired polydopamine-gallium nanoparticles for biomedical applications
COVID-19: the impact of a global crisis on sustainable development teaching
Low MGMT digital expression is associated with a better outcome of IDH1 wildtype glioblastomas treated with temozolomide
Dynamics of informal risk sharing in collective index insurance
Clinical and molecular findings in a Turkish family with an ultra-rare condition, ELP2-related neurodevelopmental disorder
Endogenous choice of institutional punishment mechanisms to promote social cooperation
Family influence on undergraduates' career choice implementation
Choice biases in no-sample and delay testing in pigeons (Columba livia)
Factors influencing adaptation from university to employment in Portugal and Brazil
Numerical Modeling and Optimization of an Air Handling Unit
Fabry Disease Therapy: State-of-the-Art and Current Challenges
Managing Corporate Social and Environmental Disclosure: An Accountability vs. Impression Management Framework
Assessing the intensity of cooperation: a study of joint delegation of municipal functions to inter-municipal associations
Virtual Histology of Cortical Thickness and Shared Neurobiology in 6 Psychiatric Disorders
Dispersion of Graphite Nanoplates in Polypropylene by Melt Mixing: The Effects of Hydrodynamic Stresses and Residence Time
Laccase-catalyzed cross-linking of BSA mediated by tyrosine
Development of dextrin-amphotericin B formulations for the treatment of Leishmaniasis (vol 15, pg 276, 2020)
School-based teacher collaboration in Chile and Portugal
Optical Fiber Sensors for Biocide Monitoring: Examples, Transduction Materials, and Prospects
The Compass of Shame Scale: Dimensionality and Gender Measurement Invariance in a Portuguese Sample
Differential proteomic analysis by SWATH-MS unravels the most dominant mechanisms underlying yeast adaptation to non-optimal temperatures under anaerobic conditions
Whole blood mRNA expression-based targets to discriminate active tuberculosis from latent infection and other pulmonary diseases
Sequential two-stage autohydrolysis biorefinery for the production of bioethanol from fast-growing Paulownia biomass
Child trafficking, comprehensive needs and professional practices: A systematic review
Alignment of the ATLAS Inner Detector in Run 2
Prevalence of Machado-Joseph disease (MJD/SCA3) explained by migration and multiple founder effects
A cost-effective model for the pathway of care of CDH1-related hereditary diffuse gastric cancer syndrome (HDGC)
Remission and low disease activity matrix tools: results in real-world rheumatoid arthritis patients under anti-TNF therapy
Septic arthritis: a 5-year review of admissions to the Orthopedic Department
Chikungunya arthritis - should we expect it to become more common in Portuguese rheumatology?
Perspective on oleogelator mixtures, structure design and behaviour towards digestibility of oleogels
A Review of Capture-recapture Methods and Its Possibilities in Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences

RepositóriUM | last entries 
Numerical analysis of the shape of bump solutions in a neuronal model of working memory
Quality of life in elderly Portuguese war veterans with post-traumatic stress symptoms
Human-like arm motion generation: a review
A resolução de problemas na aprendizagem de tópicos de geometria e medida em alunos do 1.º e 2.º ciclo do ensino básico
Determinantes sociais da saúde e prevenção secundária do câncer do colo do útero no Estado do Amazonas, Brasil

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