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Opening Hours of the UMinho General Library (BGUM) and the UMinho Library on the Azurém campus (BPG), from the 3rd of October and during the school period:
BGUM - Monday to Friday, from 8h30 to 24h00 and Saturday from 8h30 to 14h30.
BPG - Monday to Friday, from 9h00 to 24h00.


Portal Discover
Search tool for scientific information, which facilitates simultaneous searching in several information resources available in open access and subscribed by the University of Minho.


RepositoriUM - Institutional Repository
The Institutional Digital Repository of research materials and scholarly publications of the University of Minho. 

Web of Science
Web of Science is a database containing both multidisciplinary and specialized content. It covers journals, proceedings, current contents, journal citations, patents and chemical structures. This platform provides an interesting way of searching and managing information. University of Minho restricted access.


The Library provides access to a comprehensive collection of dictionaries for Portuguese language.




RepositóriUM | recent items 
Stationary measures on infinite graphs
Assessment of the sustainability of fibre-reinforced concrete by considering both environmental and mechanical properties
Integrating post-quantum cryptography (NTRU) in the TLS protocol
Metamaterial vivaldi antenna array for breast cancer detection
0-dimensional persistent homology analysis implementation in resource-scarce embedded systems

UMinho | recent articles in Web of Science  
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